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If you are looking to be a part of our upcoming program, here are several ways you can volunteer:


Whether you like simple acting roles, solos, or want to join the choir, all are welcome to participate in the program. We encourage all performers to participate in both evenings (Friday and Saturday). Most performers will also have the option of volunteering in other areas or in some cases can choose to buy a ticket to sit with their guests during the dinner portions of the program for one or both evenings.


This program is a seated dinner theater, and therefore all tables will receive a server. Servers are responsible for their tables needs, including refilling drinks, making sure everyone gets the correct meal, and clearing the table. You can volunteer to serve for one or both evenings.

Food Runners

Food will be carried from the kitchen staff to the servers on trays by the food runners. You will need to be ready to do a lot of walking and carry multiple plates of food on a tray. You can volunteer to be a food runner for one or both evenings.

Kitchen Staff

Behind the scenes the kitchen team is responsible for plating food. Performers are discouraged from this job as often the food will be plated during musical portions of the program. You can volunteer to be on the kitchen staff for one or both evenings.

Clean-up Team

The clean-up team will be responsible for receiving the dirty dishes and the end of program clean-up. Performers will not be able to do this job as it takes place during the bulk of the music portion of the program. Kitchen staff can also serve in this position after they are done with preparing the food. You can volunteer to be on the clean-up team for one or both evenings.

Other ways to get involved

In addition to the jobs above, we will need help with the A/V team, setting up and taking down the tables and chairs, selling tickets and many other jobs. Let the music staff at your church know your availability and interests and we’ll be happy to find ways to include you in the program.